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Hybel has built a reputation for engineering excellence and product durability for over 30 years by successfully meeting the needs of both the mobile and industrial markets in Brazil. This reputation has allowed market expansion into many other countries including the UK, Canada, the United States and several countries in the Middle East. With branches in Brazil and the United States, Hybel supplies high tech products for construction equipment, trucks, forklifts and other industrial applications.

Hybel is a manufacturer of hydraulic components. Established in 1981 in the industrialized southern portion of Brazil, we provide a full range of gear pumps, motors, and flow dividers.

Never content with past accomplishments, Hybel is continuously improving our procedures. Using several CNC machines organized into loading/unloading robotic cells, each piece is subjected to multiple rigorous quality control inspections on the journey from raw material to finished goods. This combination of field experience and production capacity has allowed us to continue to expand into new markets as well as the ability to solve design challenges.


Hybel‘s Industrial Plant is located in Criciúma, Santa Catarina State. We are very privileged to be in the industrialized southern portion of Brazil between Santa Catarina Capital Florianopolis and Rio Grande do Sul state capital Porto Alegre. We are located:

291 Km from Porto Alegre International Airport
202 Km From Florianopolis International Airport
229 Km From Itajai Port
590 Km From Rio Grande Port
590 Km From Paranaguá Port

Hybel also has a distribution system, which includes eight stock locations in Brazil as well as an assembly and test operation located in Chicago, Illinois, US.

Social Responsibility

Hybel is always looking for ways to give back to the community and believes strongly in the idea of helping the local residents. Hybel has participated in the education of young, low-income students attending technical schools such as SATC, located in the South of Brazil. We are also an active partner with Bairro da Juventude, a school currently serving more than 1,400 children, adolescents and adults who are enrolled in programs including Early Education, Elementary Education, Vocational and Educational Laboratories. These schools provide employment-preparation skills for trained labor.

Plant Location Hybel, Criciúma/SC


Hybel Hydraulic Gear Pump And Motors - Plant Location Rod. Luiz Rosso, 4230 - Km 04 POBOX: 3244 Bairro Morro Estevão - Cricíuma / SC - ZIP 88803-470 Tel: (48) 2101 8888 / Fax (48) 2101 8895