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Quality Policy Statement

The organization, manufacturer of hydraulic gear equipments, and it subsidiates undertakes:

  • - Attend our clients well, offering products and service that meet their needs and the needs of their costumer as well;
  • Give fast responses to queries and complaints from our customers and meet the deadlines promised;
  • - Achieve our commitments for quality, cost and schedule;
  • - Do it righ the first time, eliminating wasted time and material, helping to reduce costs and increase profitability;
  • - Develop new products and process;
  • - Treat our Suppliers as partners, including helping in the development of quality standards;
  • - Improving quality of life for employees, maintaining a clean working environment, orderly and safe, while preserving the environment and natural resources;
  • - Give everyone the opportunity to progress within the company and better perform their duties; and
  • - Promote continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management system.


Hybel Hydraulic Gear Pump And Motors - Plant Location Rod. Luiz Rosso, 4230 - Km 04 POBOX: 3244 Bairro Morro Estevão - Cricíuma / SC - ZIP 88803-470 Tel: (48) 2101 8888 / Fax (48) 2101 8895